At any moment in time worldwide, there are approximately 660,000 people flying. That’s 660,000 seats, all full of passengers travelling in a wide range of aircraft spanning: commercial airlines, business jets, private jets and helicopters. The type of seat a passenger sits on during a flight will depend upon the length of the flight, the type of aircraft, the date of the last refurbishment and the location of their seating.

Fundamental to the comfort of a flight, and often the perception of a brand, it’s easy to see why airlines and operators large and small are paying increased attention to their seating. Aircraft seats, due to industry advancements and the heavy footfall of an aircraft, can quickly become both dated and uncomfortable, damaging not only brand perception – but also passenger comfort.

Seating is also fundamental in the luxury of a private aircraft. Private aircraft are specifically designed to provide increased levels of comfort whilst travelling, and luxurious, flexible seating options play a key part in this. Being able to sleep on a private jet, thanks to a seat which doubles as a flat bed, is a major benefit.
For over twenty years now, RAS have supplied a wide range of seating into both commercial and private aircraft, seating which includes:

  • Economy & Premium Economy Seating
  • Business Class & Executive Seating
  • First Class Seating
  • Flat Bed Seating
  • Bespoke & Custom Private Aircraft Seating
  • Luxury Seating

RAS Engineers and technicians have experience in designing, manufacturing and fitting a wide range of aircraft seating, whether it’s fitting out a commercial aircraft with economy, premium economy and business seating, or designing and hand making luxury seating for a private jet. RAS are proud to have fitted seating which has increased both passenger comfort and the aesthetics of a cabin interior. Furthermore, RAS is proud to have fitted a range of Crew Seats and Pilot Seats into a range of commercial and private aircraft.
If you have any queries about aircraft seating, or would like to discuss aircraft seating options in more detail, please do just get in touch with a member of the team.