RAS is the UK leader in the application of light grade polymer exterior paint protection systems. Aircraft require professional protection to avoid damage to exterior painted surfaces. Let us help you with protecting your aircraft.

Our experienced and mobile paint team apply both Permagard and Teflon exterior protectant treatments to all aircraft types whether it be at Biggin Hill or your own premises!
  • The treatment is professionally applied by highly experienced, trained and approved RAS personnel and has a number of benefits
  • Enhances aircraft appearances by providing a long lasting high lustre sheen.
  • Lowers the annual cost of aircraft appearance maintenance by reducing amount of washing and waxing required.
  • Protects paint from harmful ultraviolet light damage which causes paint to fade and deteriorate.
  • Protects paint from staining and discoloration by fuel, oil and bird droppings.
  • Dramatically increase the paint life with annual texture program.
  • ​​​Decreases fuel consumption by minimising contamination on the paint surface, this reduces the weight and drag on the aircraft.