1. These terms and conditions along with any conditions and charges noted on Contracts and Timesheets contain the entire agreement for the supply by RAS Completions Limited of Contract Staff (hereinafter referred to as Contractor/Supplier) to Clients. No oral or written representations prior to this agreement shall be included in it unless specifically referred to. The laws of England shall apply.

2. All accounts and charges are payable by the Client to RAS Completions Ltd within 30 days of receipt of invoice. RAS Completions Ltd reserve the right to charge interest on all overdue amounts calculated at the Base Rate plus 2%.

3. V.A.T. is payable on all fees at the prevailing rate.

4. No variation of these terms is valid or shall be binding on RAS unless confirmed in writing by a Director or RAS duly recorded as such at Companies House.

5. By interviewing or engaging a contractor/Supplier introduced by RAS Completions Ltd, the Client indicates acceptance of these terms and conditions. The Client is responsible for verifying that the Contractor/Supplier is able to perform the services required by the Client.

6. The Client undertakes to obtain for itself and for the protection of others (to include where appropriate the Contractor/Supplier), professional indemnity and public liability insurance (to include loss and/or damage in respect of the Contractor/Suppler occupation of the Client’s premises) in respect of the acts of omissions of the Contract/Supplier and where appropriate in respect of those of the Client.

7. The Clients are responsible for supervising Contract/Supplier and therefore RAS can accept no liability whatsoever for any loss, damage or expense howsoever caused and whether consequential or otherwise and which the Clients suffer or become liable to arising from the introduction or engagement of the Contractor/Supplier.

8. When a person is supplied by RAS Completions Ltd, this person shall be under the direction and control of the hirer and such persons shall for all purposes in connection with their employment, be regarded as the servants or agents of the hirer, and the hirers shall be responsible for all claims arising from their employment. Health and safety of hired personnel is the sole responsibility of the hirer.

9. The Client hereby indemnifies RAS against any loss or damage (whether consequential or otherwise) arising from any breach and/or failure to observe the provisions herein.

10. The Client will sign the timesheets and such signature will confirm that the Client is satisfied with the work done and that the work done will be paid for within the agreed credit period. Failure by the Client to sign any timesheets shall not preclude RAS from charging in full.

11. The Client shall be responsible for ensuring that only authorised members of staff sign timesheets on its behalf, but will be bound by signed timesheets.

12. Unless otherwise agreed, the contract may be ended by the client on one hour's notice.

13. The Client, if dissatisfied with the Contractor/Supplier, must: -

a) Inform RAS of the problem prior to approaching the Contractor/Supplier;

b) Provide RAS with details of grievance and any appropriate steps to rectify the problem;

c) Prior to dismissal provide RAS with full particulars of the reasons for dismissal.

14. Until twelve months after this contract has elapsed the Client cannot offer a Contractor or Supplier employment other than via RAS or pass the contractor/supplier to a third party. In the event that this clause is contravened RAS reserve the right to charge a recruitment fee of 20% of the first year's annual salary or 20% of the contract value.

15. The Client must inform RAS of any complaints, requests to end the contract, form the Contractor/Supplier direct. No such arrangements shall affect the rights of RAS under its contract.

16. Introduction Fees for Permanent Placements are calculated on a percentage of the total Gross Annual Remuneration receivable by the Applicant in the Applicant's first year of employment.

17. Rebates to Permanent Fees. Should an Applicant's employment be lawfully terminated for any reason other than redundancy during the first 8 weeks of the Engagement, the following rebate system will apply:-

Weeks 0 - 1 week 100% full refund

Weeks 1 - 2 weeks 75% rebate

Weeks 2 - 4 weeks 50% rebate

Weeks 4 - 8 weeks 20% rebate